Dirk McCall

Friday, January 17, 2014

GMHC fired Dirk McCall

"Abuse of Power" Clean Up
GMHC fired Dirk McCall

McCall was aware of the "House Ball" community abuse by the Club 1319 youth program
and misappropriation of funds for the Latex Ball and Voguing dance classes.
He did nothing and blocked further meetings with community historians and leaders.
McCall sold out our community again.

GMHC Leadership Scandals Continue in 2014
First CEO Dr. Marjorie Hill in 2013
Now Communications Director Dirk McCall

Who is next on the GMHC Firing List in 2014: 
COO Janet Weinberg, Chair Rolfe, Secretary and CAB President Manny Rivera,
Publicist Krishna Stone and Luna Ortiz?

Is GMHC the HOME for the LGBT Leadership Criminals?
Is the lack of government oversight is to blame?
Dirk McCall, aka "Dirty Dirk"got finally sacked at GMHC.
We have been calling on his firing since January of 2013, before the firing of CEO Marjorie Hill.
We are one year ahead of time and the GMHC board finally caught up with us.

McCall is best known within the LGBT community for
writing the book of "ASS KISSING" and for "Selling Out The Community".
It was only a matter of time to get him fired.

Of course the bus doesn't stop here.
It gets MUCH better.
There is a magnet amongst THOSE people,
now McCall is working for Bronx Borough president Ruben Diaz.
Selling out the community really pays off, doesn't it McCall.
Congratulations to Ruben Diaz for hiring McCall,
it takes one to know one.

Next on the GMHC firing list:
Rolfe, Weinberg, Rivera, Stone, Ortiz?

More scandals coming at GMHC in 2014.
"Brother Can You Skip a Meal for Voguing Classes?"
COO Weinberg announced in a press release

"GMHC cut food services for their clients".
At the same time GMHC spend $50.000 of AIDS money on "Voguing Events"
are paying out record breaking prize money at the "Latex Ball".
GMHC is charging homeless youth $20 admission and HIV testing is no longer free.

for more information:

The "Crooks" that have been fired since our campaign.
Over one third of our "Faces" from our poster have been fired, one is in jail.
Until all are "FIRED", I job continues.


  1. Manny Rivera's real name is Frank Jackson, the same guy who was locked up in DR in 2000 for child pornography charges and got fired as a senior Vice President from scandal-ridden Correction Services Corporation because of it. Influence peddler in the State Assembly who was the center of a big corruption scandal there 12 years ago.